Tuesday, October 14, 2008

♥ absorb and apply ♥

I hope it’s not too late to apologize…
I am aware that I have given you so many headaches…
And believe it or not,
I am trying to absorb everything…

I thought that what I have become since you came in my life,
Was enough…

I thought by changing my unwanted attitude is enough so I can say that I deserve you…
Until tonight I realize that there’s still so much to learn… to get rid of…

Everything you said before I turned my back was true…
I can really be mean sometimes…
And it kills me to know that I disappointed you…
You are one of the last people I want to offend…
I always look forward and dream of seeing you completely happy…
(pwde mu ingon ug “having me around” pra specific)

It’s going to be real hard for me now knowing I offended you…
You are special to me…
You make my heart happy…

You did a lot of good things for me, things I can never repay with money…
I pray that in time, everything will be ok…
I just don’t know if I can still bring back the way we were…
I feel like the worst person ever…
Maybe that’s why most people don’t stay long…
They can’t stand me…

I am deeply sorry for the damage done…
I don’t even know how to show you how sorry I am…
Honestly, I’m not good at this…
Apologizing and all that shit…
All I know is, life will surely suck if you’re not around…



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ They say LOVE is something you can EAT! hihihi… just kidding...

♥ Most of us believe that when Love strikes it hits you so hard.
And that old school bullshits like,
Love is blind,
Love is like a bubble gum “ mu pilit maka buang! “ hahaha…

♥ Oh! Cut the crap.

♥ For me, LOVE is a big word. It’s a four letter BIG WORD.
I know some of you might not agree with me. But I really don’t care.
Love for me is when things begin to get ugly,
And after that you still learn to love each other everyday.
Love for me is when things didn’t come out the way it supposed to be,
And you just laugh.
Love for me is when during a fight,
You say sorry and say “pagsulay ra ni”.
Love for me is when you begin to feel guilty when you lie to him,
And begin to tell him everything, “only the things he should know”.
Love for me is when you cook for him his favorite dish,
And dying to hear him say “mi`a uie”. ( maski dli, har har )
Love for me is when you close your eyes,
And all you see is the vision of the two of you together.
Love for me is to never leave him,
And be with him even at the darkest hour.
Love for me is when you stop asking about “whys?”
And patiently waits.
Love for me is when you stop thinking about “I”,
And begin to think about “US”.

♥ I could really fill this whole sheet with thoughts about Love.But it’s becoming so “baduy” already. I don’t even know why
I started this.

♥ Warning:

Never let your hearts eat your brain.
Feed your brain first.
For it will be your source.
It will be your guide.
For your brain knows what’s best for your heart.
Don’t let your emotions swallow you.It slowly kills.

♥ 100708
@ 01:57a.m.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I want to join the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers in Gensan.

I love to write down all my thoughts and I believe that this event will help me a lot.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

♥ thank you for making my heart perfectly healthy ♥

thank you for sharing things with me,
for laughing with me.
for tripping with me.
thank you for making my heart perfectly healthy
for making it happy
i'm glad ure goin my way

Monday, September 8, 2008

♥ begins with respect, comes love and ends with trust ♥

I always thought that you will fall in love just once,
I always thought that there will always be this one person ul kip coming back to.
Even if that person betrayed u a few tyms olredy..

in the end, you’d still say.."yes, i 4give u.. i also want u back!"

I was never open to other options even though i was already suffering from pain.. It was like he was the only person who could make me feel this way.. And no one can ever take his place.. Also the famous words, "He makes me happy, thats what matters!"
Until one day u realize, theres sum1 out there 4 u, sum1 who could love u even better, make u more happier and take care of you like ur home.. Suddenly, u slowly 4get that person u used to love.. and u try to make more beautiful memories with that person u found waiting..
all along he was waiting… just like you…
It may not be as perfect as u want things to be.. But, every argument, every heartache, every unpleasant words not meant to be said is a lesson 4 d both of u.. to keep in mind and also to remind u that nothing and no one is perfect..
When u love sum1, let us not deny that we unnoticeably become selfish, we become insecure, we become immature and most of all we unnoticeably become our partners worst nightmare or monster cuz we turned into sum1 wer not..
Love is never perfect!! RESPECT, LOVE & TRUST…

Now thats a perfect package

♥ What if UR LIFE is like FRIENDSTER?? ♥

how i wish that life is like friendster..
u can choose, u can create..
u can delete things u dont want to keep..
u can re arrange things when u dont like how it is..
u can approve, u can reject..
u can edit and make it all perfect..
how i wish that my life can run like how our technology runs now…
how i wish i can turn back time to re arrange things..
to delete some memories and to create a new one..
to forget the bad ones and treasure the good ones..
how i wish i can do everything with no worries who cud get hurt..
how i wish that life is as easy as drinking water..
as easy as texting, typing and everything..
but its not!! and it never will be easy..
what if ur life was like friendster?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *